081 Industrial Spray Cleaner

A liquid non-nitrate cleaner and rust protector designed for use prior to heat treating, or annealing operations. No inorganic residuals to contaminate heat treating equipment. Cleans and rustproofs simultaneously. Good oil release. 100% biodegradable. Generally acceptable for disposal without further treatment.

400 Auto/Trans Vehicle Cleaner

Vehicle wash with built-in antifreeze. Contains an alcohol additive similar to windshield washer materials, that helps prevent solution and line freeze-ups in winter. 1-8 dilution good to 0°F. High suds level at use dilution. Good brush lubrication.

622.M Industrial Spray Cleaner / Emulsion

A unique oil-solvent cleaner which effectively cleans, and simultaneously rust proofs in recirculating spray washers, or agitated immersion cleaning systems, with heat or at room temperature. 622.M is mildly alkaline and titratable for concentration. Provides exceptional rust protection and prolonged resistance to humidity.

All-Purpose Cleaners

396 Facility Housekeeping AP Cleaner/Butyl

396 is similar to 395 in use as a general purpose detergent, however, 396 contains a phosphate alkaline builder, rather than silicate. 396 is safe for use on glass and most painted surfaces without damage. Effective on heavy grease, oils and general shop soils.

Vehicle Cleaners

020 Industrial Specialty/Ultrasonic Cleaner

Excellent for use in ultrasonic cleaning operations. Effective soil penetration and buffing compound removal. Will not dull buffed finish on soft metals such as brass, aluminum, and zinc diecast components. Long tank life with good free rinsing properties.

069 Industrial Specialty

A unique multi-purpose detergent combining D'Limonene solvent and high levels of detergents, which renders the D'Limonene totally water soluble. May be applied by wipe-on, immersion or spray-on. Environmental and personnel safety are achieved along with exceptional cleaning and degreasing properties.

473 Iron Phosphate / Detergent

Similar conversion coating performance to 472, only formulated with a detergent system designed for recirculating spray washer operations.

865 Industrial General Cleaner/Butyl

Mild alkalinity combined with solvent action and synergistic blend of detergents yields an economical multi-purpose cleaner which is effective in many manual cleaning applications.

612.C Industrial Spray Cleaner

A high detergency metal cleaner designed for heavy soil loads and high particle soil removal in recirculating cleaning systems. May be sprayed at temperatures above 150°F. Without excessive foam. Attacks soft metals.

943 Industrial Spray Cleaner

Non-caustic mildly alkaline recirculating spray wash compound designed for metal, glass, and plastic, and general hard surfaces. Very good oil and particle soil removal. Excellent rinsing properties in hard or soft water. Low foaming, good soil tolerance due to high detergency. Extremely versatile cleaner. Easy oil release with neutralization meets COD & BOD requirements for disposal.


Sanitizing Cleaners

Tank Cleaners

Boiler Treatments


Food Service

Ultrasonic Cleaners

USDA Food / Dairy Cleaners

Industrial Metal Cleaners

190 Industrial Spray Cleaner

Heavy duty alkaline cleaner / Stearate remover. Removes cold forming lubes, particle soils, grease and oils in spray washing operations. Removes phosphate coating, paint, rust and smut.

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645.LF Iron Phosphate / Detergent

A detergent iron phosphatizer with triple the normal detergent level. Designed for use in industrial spray wash systems. Effectively cleans and iron phosphatizes even the most difficult of soiled metals at low concentrations. Effective on ferrous, aluminum, zinc and galvanized metal components. Exhibits long tank life and very uniform phosphate coatings for prepaint treatment.

Additional Products

877 Rust Protector

Provides long term in door storage rust protection for ferrous, and non-ferrous components. Moisture repellent film will not crack, or become dry and resinous, but will remain soft even with extended storage of 2 years or more. Normally used undiluted. Has water displacing properties. Parts may enter rust protector even if wet from previous cleaning operations.

893 Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating

Extremely high concentrate zinc phosphatizing compound. May be adjusted for use in either spray or immersion applications to produce coatings ranging from 150 to over 2000 mgs/ft2. Effective prepaint, cold forming and rust protection applications.

Conversion Coatings

902 Rust Protector

Nitrate based rust inhibitor suitable for use on ferrous components for indoor storage protection. Also functional as a closed loop treatment to prevent corrosion in heating and cooling systems. Compatible with ethylene glycol heat transfer solutions.

690 Zinc Phosphate

A pre-balanced zinc phosphatizing compound design for sprayer immersion application. Requires a pre cleaner. Suitable for all ferrous alloys, galvanized and zinc surfaces. Used as a prepaint, or for heavy phosphate, oil and rust preventive of absorption.

Alkaline / Acidic Metal Cleaners

Barrel Finishing Compounds

Paint Strippers

Emulsion Cleaners

Steam Cleaners

Drawing Compounds

Rust Removers

Corrosion Inhibitors

401.C Auto/Trans Vehicle Cleaner

A high concentrate vehicle wash designed for a spot free wash in rotary brush type equipment. High levels of foam stabilizer and lubricant help protect the finish from brush marks and abrasions.


983 Industrial Spray Cleaner

Free rinsing mildly alkaline detergent which eliminates water spots and streaks in multi-stage spray washers. Good oil penetration and release to the surface for ease of skimming. Good precleaner for phosphatizing, heat treating, and many other industrial applications.

853(C) Industrial General Cleaner/Butyl

853(C) is a yellow citrus scented detergent designed for hard surface cleaning, such as, walls, floors, equipment etc. Good heavy duty cleaner, economical, pleasant and safe to use. May be ordered as 853 without dye and citrus odor if desired with no charge in price.

512 LFM Industrial Spray Cleaner

Heavy duty liquid spray cleaner designed for particle soils and heavy oils. Especially effective as a cleaner in high speed wire drawing lines. May also be used in agitated immersion cleaning systems.

Rust Preventatives

774 Iron Phosphate

A high concentrate iron phosphatizing compound balanced to eliminate pH adjustments. Suitable for immersion or spray application. Used alone in third stage of five stage system, or with the appropriate detergent booster in three stage simultaneous cleaning and phosphatizing systems.

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047 Auto/Trans Vehicle Wax Rinse

A final wax rinse for tunnel wash operations promotes drying through rapid water run-off prior to blow drying. Produces a high gloss with optical color brightness.

150 Industrial General Cleaner / Non-Butyl

Non-solvent all purpose cleaner containing buffered alkaline builders with a nonionic detergent system, which will handle the toughest of soils. 150 is suitable for many heavy duty cleaning jobs ranging from floor cleaning to equipment degreasing. 150 is very economical and effective.

630.MNF Rust Protector

A non-foaming nitrite type rust protector for room temperature spray or immersion. Clear solutions make it ideal for leak detector immersion tanks. Dries to a clear film. Will not interfere with welding, or measuring operations.

404 Auto/Trans Vehicle Cleaner

High concentrate vehicle wash suitable for foam-on, rotary brush, swaying strap, mitt or with conventional high pressure washing equipment. Excellent foam and lubricity characteristics.