Company History 


Founded by Milton J. Deputy in September of 1984, JTD Chemical Enterprises Inc. expertise is centered around degreasing and the pretreating of steels prior to paint and draw. In November of 1987, JTD merged with CHEMITE CORP., a blending house out of Waverly, NY. This merger afforded JTD the opportunity to blend it's own formulas in state-of-the-art lab facilities for all future research and development. Since the merger our competitive position has increased remarkably.

Our extensive experience permits an astute awareness to the special needs of industry.

Our Commitment to You


JTD representatives are fully qualified to analyze each industrial cleaning operation separately or as a complete system in selecting the proper chemical solution to ensure optimum efficiency of the process.

All or our customers receive personalized service in developing solutions to cleaning obstacles along with complete availability of our technical facilities and laboratory staff. Continuing advisory service is available to ensure economical usage and optimum performance of each product and process.

About Us